About Us


Your Challenge. Our Approach.

  • Kamer Consulting Group develops and executes communications strategies that solve businesses’ toughest problems. Media investigations. Safety recalls. Food contamination. Labor disputes. Lawsuits. Government investigations. Environmental controversies. Proxy fights. Bankruptcies.

We’ve seen it all and over the years, we have guided scores of companies to take the right actions and communicate appropriately in the heat of crisis. When issues flare up, we mobilize with your team to tackle even the most unforeseeable situation.

But any good communicator will tell you that there is no substitute for being prepared before crisis strikes.  

We are at our most valuable when we help organizations plan carefully to avoid problems in the first place. We take the time to get to know the landscape of our clients’ business and we “get it.” Our honest approach evaluates each strength and vulnerability so that crises are anticipated long before the red phone starts ringing. We’re convinced that comprehensive planning helps build stronger, more successful companies, careers, and reputations over the long run.